15 Ways To Remove Bad Odors From Your Home

15 Ways To Remove Bad Odors From Your Home

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We all dream of our homes being calming sanctuaries, smelling fresh and pleasant. But given the realities of life (children, pets, food, weather), typically our digs end up smelling stinky. You are not the laziest, dirtiest person if this happens to you, and you are definitely not alone!

Before stench finds home in your home, all you have to do is remove bad odors, neutralize horrid smells, and introduce pleasing new ones.

Listed here are 15 household hacks to consider.

There’s No Place Smells Like Home

  1. Studies show citrus smell can enhance mood, combating depression. To introduce, simply boil orange peel. Fill a saucepan with water, add orange peels from three oranges, four cinnamon sticks, and one tablespoon of whole cloves. Bring to a boil. Let simmer for one hour. (1)
  2. Bin confidential. You don’t have to put up with putrid or rancid smells. If garbage bins smell horrible simply sprinkle some coffee grounds on the top of the rubbish. Coffee grounds are extremely absorbent. Use them to remove unwanted odors. 
  3. Create your own cleaning! To rapidly freshen any surface, homemade products are a healthy and cheap alternative to chemical-laden products. Water, vinegar, and a few drops of essential oils (especially tea-tree) do the trick, and by adding hydrogen peroxide, or a small amount of bleach, you can really enhance anti-bacterial properties. Check out YouTube videos for inspiration. (2)
  4. Bundle fabric correctly. The lack of air inside closets can have our clothes smelling stagnant, especially if humidity is in the mix. A bar of natural soap, some fresh herbs in between, or even some strong-smelling wood will help for a better aroma. Cat litter placed on the floor will draw out odors from smelly shoes.
  5. Rugs fight for smelly attention. They gather dropped food, pet hair, and dust. Sea-salt contains deodorizing agents that will help your rugs or carpet stay clean. Sprinkle on, leave 10 minutes, then vacuum.
  6. Sneak in scented storage. Cedar is a favorite option because it provides a natural scent that also keeps away bugs (although cedarwood shouldn’t contact clothing directly). You can also add dryer sheets to any boxed storage. Airflow is important so don’t overstuff stored belongings.
  7. The answers lie where we lie. Sometimes all we need is our bed-dirty sheets, smelling of us! However, a musty smell is off-putting for guests, especially if romance is on the cards! Bamboo sheets are popular as being made from fibers of the plant, they are resistant to pathogens and bacteria. Once a week strip your bed, freshen sheets and sprinkle bicarbonate-of-soda on your mattress. Leave for 30 mins, vacuum off.
  8. Put evergreens everywhere. Certain wondrous plants absorb smells. Air-purifying wonders include Boston ferns, peace lilies, and snake plants. No batteries required for nature’s purification.
  9. Shake, shake, bicarbonate-of-soda. As mentioned, the wonder powder is great for deodorizing. Other areas in the house to consider for the magic sprinkle are trainers or sneakers, down toilet cisterns and bowls, food waste-dispensers, inside washing machines, even your toothbrush bristles! 
  10.  Vinegar can deodorize an entire house! Crinkle up newspaper and spray it evenly. Stuff the crinkled balls anywhere you need to remain fresh. Stovetops, windows, and floors also relish a wipe with a vinegary cloth. Vinegar is the cure for grossness.
  11. Sweepstake rules. Black tea has been used to mop floors throughout history, but did you know a few tea-leaves dumped on a dirty floor before sweeping will pick up smells? Get the kettle on!
  12. Kick off your shoes. Tea-bags again! Leave 2 teabags inside a pair of sweaty shoes overnight. Stench deleted.
  13. Cat-person-y? Dog lover? Fish fanatic or bird crazy? Make sure your pet nests smell the best they can. Look for natural cleaners or make your own. Overpowering cleaning smells can put animals in great danger, so always choose natural, and always read the labels.
  14. Smelly pipe odors begone! A half-cup of baking soda, half cup of salt, and 2 tablespoons of cream-of-tarter, all mixed, put down the drain, followed by some boiling water works wonders. Leave for 1 hour.
  15. Foul-smelling fridge? The best remedy is a cut-open lemon. Leave in a bowl overnight. 

Home is the place we go to escape the world and the air in your home is a blank canvas.
Steal these ideas, and outfit your residence with olfactory delight!

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