Drinking Dairy Ups Your Risk Of This Cancer by 80 Percent, Study Finds

Drinking Dairy Ups Your Risk Of This Cancer by 80 Percent, Study Finds

November 13, 2020 Off By Mama

We all sip dairy from time to time; a cool smoothie on a hot day, or a milk latte when the weather calls for comfort. Usually, by adulthood many of us have drunk substantial amounts; powdered, evaporated, flavored, and of course as babies, breast milk. We love drinking dairy simply because we are mammals. It’s not just babies that like to get milk-drunk! 

Drinking Dairy Is In Our Culture And History

It is believed we started drinking cow’s milk as farmers, simply to fill a hunger need around 10,000 years ago in Central Europe. Certainly, in my lifetime I’ve been told dairy is good for my bones, will fight off viruses and even that milk may settle my stomach! Today many dairy products are still major components of most diets, hailed for well-being, strength, and vitality. And due to their plentiful nutrient elements such as protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins, many countries still list dairy as a core part of their dietary recommendations. Yet, we keep hearing dairy is bad for us, and that daily consumption is controversial. It’s a milky-froth of confusion for sure. (1,2,4)

Decisions about our health usually involve a complex trade-off between risks and benefits and this article explains unfortunately one new link between dairy drinks and breast cancer in women.

Study Shows Hidden Poison For Some

In March 2020, an 8-year study by Loma Linda University in Southern California concluded that by drinking either dairy milk or some other factor closely related is a cause of breast cancer in women. Consuming and two to three cups of milk a day, showed a risk of breast cancer, up to 80%.

Nearly 53,000 North American women were evaluated, all cancer-free at the beginning of the 8-year period. Alarmingly 1053 women who had drank the dairy option had breast cancer by the end. The women who had been drinking soy-based milk, free from dairy were clear. Other lifestyle factors had of course been accounted for and recorded.

Whilst this study does not prove cow’s milk causes cancer, it opens up the field of study and provides a strong indicator of the harmful effects of dairy in comparison to more benign foods. 80% is indeed high, and author of the paper, Gary E. Fraser, MBChB, PhD stated,  ‘This raises the possibility that dairy-alternate milks may be an optimal choice.’ (3)

What’s The Alternative?

With this research suggesting such a risk, is it time to pass up on a cool glass of regular, dairy milk?

With millions of people already finding their perfect blend of alternatives, for stomach comfort, allergy concerns or perhaps animal rights, why not check out the simple and nutritious milk alternatives there are already out there.

Milk Alternatives That May Help Us Sip Smarter:

  • Cashew, Full of Vitamin K and iron.
  • Hemp, Contains a large amount of calcium.
  • Oat, A source of fiber, Vitamin B, and folate.
  • Soy, Provides protein and is low on calories.

The list goes on and on-any fruit, rice, almond, fermented, etc are all popular options, with new ideas coming onto the market all the time. As always there’s no use in crying over split milk. If you feel like you’ve been making the wrong choice, maybe today is the day to choose something new for yourself. Whether you love dairy milk or not, why not give something fresh a try? (5)

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